"Delivery of Excellent Education Through Synergies of people"

Cyber Academy was incorporated in July 2000 as an information technology training institution. The institution fulfills a valuable role in maintaining standards for quality education.

In collaboration with the University of Greenwich's Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities, we build on the British Computer Society (BCS) Framework. At Cyber Academy, Zambia, the University of Greenwich UK offers one more extended year of study. This is a top up degree, i.e only the final year is delivered to students who hold approved level 5 qualifications. Approved level 5 qualifications include NCC international advanced diploma, BCS HEQ diploma, BCS/IMIS higher diploma and the three year TEVETA diploma in computer studies, any other qualifications have to be verified and approved by the University of Greenwich before enrollment.

Cyber Academy is also a proud winner of the December 2007 - 2009 IMIS higher Diploma gold medal in Project Management and Database Development. We are a registered training college with TEVETA and certified training centre for BCS-IMIS

Featured News

Cyber Academy has introduced Computer Systems and Networking Bsc (Hons) Degree. This programme is designed for individuals wishing to pursue careers as networking professionals. More..
Cyber Academy won a higher Diploma Gold medal in 2012.
Chanda won a Gold Medal in Information Systems at Higher Diploma in 2012
One of our students, Kasonde Kembani, was awarded with a Gold Mendal in Database Development at Higher Diploma. Kasonde later squared a 1st class at Degree level
Cyber Academy has continued to score high grades with students like Senia Bianca Nyondo attaining a GPA of 80 and Michael Kwalela Hayumbu a GPA of 81.